Friday, January 9, 2009

Youth Sports--and Sportswriters

Curie's not the only place where we're starting a great partnership with young people telling their stories. Over in Little Village, young athletes with Beyond the Ball have already put together a five-minute video showing how their so-called open gym at Little Village/Lawndale High School works. Watch the video and you'll see it's a lot more structured than the typical open gym:

Beyond the Ball founder Rob Castaneda says some of the players have formed a team off the court to keep stats and document games and programs for the organization's web site. This video is their first production. They are eager to explore lots of media: interviews, web stories, and photos as well as more video. We look forward to seeing more of their work!


Michael said...

look forward to seeing more of these!

Patrick Barry said...

I just came across a nice article on MSNBC about how Beyond the Ball came about, a harrowing story about gang intimidation that, fortunately, did not stop Rob and Amy Castaneda. Read it here:

Michael said...

Heck of an opening:

If somebody tried to burn your house down — not once, but twice in the last eight years — you might think that the neighborhood was not a good match for you, right?