Monday, January 5, 2009

"Remembering Our Children"

On December 17, 2008, I attended an event about youth lost to gun violence titled “Remembering Our Children.” I thought I had vision until the many faces of innocence flashed across the screen. I finally saw death at its worst.

I can see now that there has been a shift in the value system. The worth of our children has been minimized, from priceless to being priced for the highest bidder. Guns and the gun industry are robbing us of what was once considered treasures, our children.

My face rained tears over a child that could not have been more that seven years of age, lying in a casket. She was surrounded by a sea of grief and pain, loved ones, family and friends, crying. Internally, I screamed, "Where are the voices, voices advocating for Common Sense Gun Laws?” This is not much to ask for, the preservation of life.

How can I, an Elev8 Director, focus on the quality of education and the integration of services to improve the quality of life for our children, when I can’t be assured that they will safely make it to the next day?

-- Michelle Mason, Perspectives Charter School

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