Wednesday, April 8, 2009

One-Minute Video Packs a Lot of Punch

If it's looking like "all sports, all the time" on this blog lately that's only because I've been contributing to a flat-out effort by LISC/Chicago and its neighborhood partners to attract youth to Spring Into Sports activities at four high schools.

And it's working.

More than 1,270 students have registered and they're filling the gyms and hallways every day. What's startling about it is how much they're getting into the various sports on offer, including some they've probably never participated in, such as archery, table tennis and rowing. Read all about it at Neighborhood Sports Chicago.

Or take a minute to view this new piece by Sarahmaria Gomez and Alex Fledderjohn at TuMultimedia.

Spring Into Sports Spring Break Chicago from Tu Multimedia on Vimeo.


Chef E said...

I agree 100% !

Mike Quinlan said...

Ha! Nice intro w/ DJ Monty, good job.

Patrick Barry said...

Yep, that's DJ Monty, who teaches a DJ class at Crane High School on Saturday mornings. He had a pretty nice equipment setup, too.

For plenty more photos, check out the web site:

Mike Quinlan said...

COOL! I'm totally going to add the slideshow of Crane to Near West's website.