Monday, April 13, 2009

Let's see, that would be . . . 215,000 words

It's an old adage because it's true: a good photo is worth even more than a thousand words because it can deliver emotions and color that writers just can't manage. So I'm thrilled that we were able to implement a photo-centric approach to covering the Spring Into Sports events last week. We wrote some decent stories, too, but it's the work of photographers Alex Fledderjohn, Juan Francisco Hernandez and Eric Young Smith that conveys the sweat and glory of the youthful activities, which incidentally engaged 1,500 youth throughout the Chicago Public School spring break.

We uploaded 215 of the best photos to Flickr in 15 different sets and then embedded the slideshows in stories on the Neighborhood Sports Chicago web site. Here's one set below, from Saturday's finals, by Eric Young Smith. Find the rest at the sports site or on LISC/Chicago's Flickr page.

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Envelope Printing said...

There really is nothing like capturing the raw emotion in a photograph. Excellent work by these three great photographers: Alex Fledderjohn, Juan Francisco Hernandez and Eric Young Smith. Congratulations!