Monday, July 12, 2010

Take a Tour of Pilsen - by Video or Phone

We've written here before about how neighborhoods are using multimedia tools to promote their work and their neighborhoods, but couldn't have imagined, even six months ago, how far the groups would come, and how fast.
  • Audio slideshows are now available for 10 neighborhoods as part of the Chicago Community Showcase project, funded by the 2016 Fund for Chicago Neighborhoods and Boeing Company. The photos, maps and background info provide vivid introductions to neighborhoods that usually don't make it onto tourists' agendas.
  • A virtual walking tour of Pilsen by TuMultimedia (below) captures many of the colors, sounds and flavors that make that neighborhood so interesting and vibrant.
  • New mobile-device tours of five neighborhoods provide photos and audio narration via smart phones. If you've got your phone handy, just go to
It's great stuff. Kudos to all the neighborhood people who put the tours together; Sally Duros and Amadi Jordan-Walker, who managed the program and saw to thousands of tiny details; and Sarahmaria Gomez and Alex Fledderjohn for their video tours.


Mandy Burrell Booth, Metropolitan Planning Council said...

All of us at Metropolitan Planning Council really love the video tours. We shared them with our friends through our blog and e-newsletter and hope people use them to explore neighborhoods they haven't spent time in in the past. We'd also like to encourage your readers to check out our Google map, featuring more than 75 great places in metro Chicago and the city proper. Each place links to a photo and/or video and written description of why that place is important, and they were all submitted by people who live and work in the communities they represent.

Thanks for letting us share!

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