Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More Audio Tours from Curie High Students

A couple of weeks ago, we presented four audio "tours" by seniors at Curie Metro High School, each providing a peek into special places that those students shared with their listeners. Here are five more. Tell us what you think.

The Cleanest Neighbor in the World
We spy on Ana Romero's neighbor, who never stops sweeping

King Plaza
Angela Griden provides a tour of Martin Luther King Plaza on the West Side.

Quidditch in Marquette Park
A full game of Harry Potter Quidditch, Chicago style, by Kathryn Kaye.

Whiz Kids Learning Center
Lamar Smith wants you to hear the laughter on 67th and California.

Environmental Justice
Come inside the Little Village Environmental Justice Center and see youth in action, by Xochitl Sandoval.

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