Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Plenty to Laugh About and Celebrate at CNDA

The 15th Annual Chicago Neighborhood Development Awards takes place next Monday, Feb. 9, and it's bound to have a special frisson this year, for a few reasons:

1. Second City will be back for a 3 p.m. performance in which they will make fun of our community development field. I'd be very surprised if they don't take the opportunity to mock our recent political shenanigans, since they've just launched a new Blago-inspired show.

2. A community organizer is running the country and the people in the room helped put him there.

3. Some of the city's best organizations, businesses and individuals will be honored with awards.

Every time I've been there I learn new things or renew old ties because the room is jammed with the cream of the city's community leadership. If you haven't been and enjoyed a cocktail or two, you should check it out. Learn more here.


Patrick Barry said...

This just in: Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett will be honored at CNDA with the Friend of the Neighborhoods Award. See more at http://www.lisc-chicago.org/display.aspx?pointer=7204

Maureen Kelleher said...

Is she really going to come? I've been hoping against hope she might.

Mike Q said...

here's a link to some additional awards ncp organizations might consider applying for: http://www.ida-downtown.org/eweb/docs/awards08/2008%20Awards%20presentation%20-%208.26.08.pdf