Thursday, December 4, 2008

Auburn Gresham's Rising Star: Ronnie Mosley

Ronnie Mosley, pictured here in his prom tux, is a young man of many talents. Now a senior at Simeon High School, he's been an intern with the Greater Auburn Gresham Development Corporation and served on the planning team for Elev8 at Perspectives-Calumet Middle School. He's also received an award from the National Foundation for Youth Entrepreneurship. (Photo credit: Carlos Nelson.)

This week, Catalyst Chicago published an interview with Ronnie in his role as an honorary student member of the Chicago Board of Education. He shadows board president Rufus Williams, attends board meetings, and will soon sit down with his fellow honorary student members to craft an action agenda and bring it to the board by June 2009. Check out his take on funding, safety and health as they relate to Chicago schools, among other issues, by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

I just saw an interview with this bright young man on CNN. I'm so very proud and impressed by his positivity and realistic view of his community. I just want to say bravo young sir. I'm just and old white punk rock guy who had to leave 'the south' out of fear. But I'll be watching for you and your wisdom as the years play out. Stay safe and focused.

Anonymous said...

This just wonderful. Let's you know that there are positive young people out here making a great impact in their communities.