Tuesday, November 25, 2008

CommunityCollab gets 300+ members

The first version of CommunityCollab (beta in techspeak), the professional social network for community developers and organizers, launched October 21.

You can create a profile and start using CommunityCollab right now.

We presented the site at the recent LISC staff meeting, in Philadelphia, and Enterprise Conference, in Baltimore, and got lots of interest. More than 330 have signed up and another 40 have filled out forms indicating their interest in participating.

The Collab currently contains:
— A directory of people working to make communities better. You can find others like yourself, filtered by areas of expertise, city, or organization.
Work updates. Read what other professionals are doing and tell others what you are up to. Compare notes, ask questions, give advice, find someone to collaborate with... whatever you find useful.
Google Maps, which help give a feeling of who's doing what, where.
— The ability to send messages to other members.

Over the next few months we will be adding many more features. How this site evolves, and its value, will depend on how you use it and your feedback. Have fun, and spread the word!

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