Thursday, June 5, 2008

SWOP launches its first web site

A few years ago, an organization could get away without any kind of web presence, but as younger people (and older ones with the digital habit) turn increasingly to Google and the web for basic information, that's what every organization and business needs to offer. On line. The paper phone book doesn't cut it any more.

That's why it was a pleasure to watch Sandra Del Toro build out a new web site for the Southwest Organizing Project, where she serves as director of the Integrated Services in Schools program at Marquette Elementary. She did it in under a month, start to finish, using the Grassroots template developed for the New Communities Program by Webitects, Inc. It's the 12th site built on Grassroots, with more to come.

The SWOP site offers recent news, a directory of staff members and member institutions, and writeups about the group's issue areas, including education, immigration and safety.

It's a good strong demonstration of how an organization should present itself to the world. Congrats to Sandra and the others who put it all together.

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