Wednesday, May 7, 2008

South Chicago--best NCP food site?

Great opportunity today to meet with staff from Claretian Associates in South Chicago today (and of course to eat at Cocula afterward. What NCP neighborhood has the best food, do you all think?)

We talked about communications of course, and came up with a few next steps that are probably boring to everyone else (even for a blog entry). They are gearing up to change their web site over to template with help from Webitects. Also, if you do not know about it yet, they are planning a Green Summit for the neighborhood at the end of May--watch for more info on it coming up.

One thing we discussed was that while adding communications tasks (such as an e-newsletter, a more frequently refreshed Web site, some kind of print newsletter, managing back-end tasks like a database--theirs has grown from 300 to 500 in the past couple months, BTW) can be a pain in the neck, some of these are twofer activities. That is, refreshing the Web site frequently can make it easier to do the e-newsletter, for example--or vice versa. So maybe it's not so bad to add all that stuff to the to-do list (Wonder what Monica from LSNA thinks about this). In theory, at least--we'll check back in in a few months to see if it works out in practice!

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Maureen Kelleher said...

Well, Gordon, I think picking the NCP neighborhood with the best food would be a tough call, but I was in South Chicago last Friday and got to try Roma's Restaurant on South Chicago, which serves up a mighty fine breakfast.