Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Taking, sharing pictures at the May Day March

Patrick and I were chatting this morning about how cool it is that LISC and NCP groups are sharing photos via flickr. The Workshop is trying something similar out for Thursday's May-Day march.

If you are bringing a camera phone to the march and want to post pictures for folks who can't make it or to view later--Community Media Workshop has created a photobucket account where we will post pictures from marchers' camera phones. Here's how it works:

Send pix from your camera phone to: chicago_mayday.68461@uploads.photobucket.com

As fast as we can moderate and post them, you will be able to view them online at:


or view them at www.communitymediaworkshop.org

It's a bit of an experiment. Next stop for us: twitter. as soon as Maude from my office helps me understand what the hell it is. (Can we say hell on this blog, Patrick?)

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Patrick Barry said...

Thanks, Gordon. I'll be watching how the experiment plays out. The potential audiences are huge; the day after we posted the 275 photos on the Flickr page, we sent out an e-mail about it and I watched the number of views climb from 125 on Monday night to 493 by noon Tuesday to more than 1,000 two days later.

As for using the word "hell" on this blog, we prefer "heck" except when you really mean it. As in, your photobucket concept is a hell of a good idea.