Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Teams Didn't Drop Ball During NCP Conference

(This post was created as a demonstration of live blogging during a workshop on communications.)

Groups got things going at UIC during the New Communities Program's Getting It Done: New Tools for Communities conference.

The conference held on Wednesday, March 26, brought together over 800 people from around the country in hopes of sharing knowledge from neighborhood leaders in Chicago, as well as from each other. One workshop, entitled "Communicating: Tell Your Story Far and Wide" learned the critical tools of communication and its importance in community organizations.

During the second session of the communications workshop, volunteers representing such diverse locals as San Diego and Auburn Gresham in Chicago, were asked to participate in a team building exercise in which each team competed to pass a football to each other in the shortest amount of time. Despite the blood and guts that carpeted the floor, team play provided a winning combination.

When Thom Clark, facilitator of the panel asked the group to sum up the point of this activity, one audience member explained that this seemingly simple activity was a way to learn that "inclusive investment is the strength of the community."

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